Said Nuseibeh

Born into a Palestinian family, Said Nuseibeh is a professional photographer who balances his fine artwork with commercial assignments. He has been photographing and exhibiting since the age of thirteen. His aim is to invoke relics of chronologically distant but enduring high Arab culture. Said exploits photography’s potential to be a socially and politically engaged art form, by broadening awareness of Arabs and their storied traditions. Said set out to bring what he knew of contemporary architectural photography to the subject of Arab art and architecture.
Said held his first photography exhibition at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in 1986, displaying views of Wadi Rum and of the pastoral tribe of the Huweitat in Jordan. In 1996 he published The Dome of the Rock featuring his photographs of the 7th century Umayyad mosaics which adorn this holy site in Jerusalem. Recently the recipient of the Fulbright Senior Scholar Fellowship, Nuseibeh has been travelling throughout Bilad al Sham (The Great Syria), exploring the Umayyad aesthetic legacy of the region.
Said Nuseibeh lives and works in Amman, Damascus and San Francisco.

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