Rajwa Ali

Ali completed her art education in London. She studied sculpture and art history at Goldsmith College, the University of London, graduating in 1992.
Through utilising natural materials such as pottery, sand, coal, stone, silver and gold leaf to build up her compositions, Rajwa Ali has a take on purity and ambiguity which emphasises the mystic Sufi quality of her work and the air of spirituality that overwhelms the cerebral aspect in her compositions. Being one of the few installation artists in Jordan, Rajwa Ali has executed several installations and held many solo exhibitions in Jordan. She has also participated in a large number of group exhibitions in Turkey, Syria, the u.k., Sweden, Germany, France and Spain, and was awarded Second Prize at the Al Sharjah Graphic Biennial in the u.a.e. in 1997.
Rajwa Ali lives and works in Amman, Jordan.

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