Himat Mohammed Ali

Himat lived in Japan and later in Jordan before settling down in France in 1991. He had twenty-five solo exhibitions, ten of which in Japan; the rest were in various Arab countries as well as in France, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions across the Arab world and abroad as well as in various exhibitions with renowned poets, including Adonis. Poets Bernard Noël and Farouk Youssef have dedicated a book to the artist, published by Rencontres. Himat has executed murals in Japan, Bahrain and Morocco.
Himat’s works are part of various public collections, including Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris; Bibliothèque de la Francophonie Multimédia, Limoges, France; Ministry of Culture, Tunis; Bibliothèque Nationale de France; and Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts.
Himat Mohammed Ali has studios in Tokyo, Amman and Paris at La Ruche, an artists’ residence in Montparnasse.
He lives in Paris, France.

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